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July 10, 2019

Latest company case about Semiconductor



Polysilicon, or polycrystalline silicon, is a key component used in the production of many electronic devices used today including computers, cell phones, game consoles, PDAs, mp3 players, car and home electronics, digital cameras, medical devices, etc. Polysilicon is formed to make ingots, wafers, fabricated wafers,and integrated circuits. It is then manufactured into necessary parts. Polysilicon is also a key component in the production of solar cells for solar power. The solar energy market is growing as producers come closer to reaching the level of grid parity. Grid parity is the cost at which photovoltaics are competitive against other forms of electricity generation. Once grid parity is reached, demand for photovoltaic products will increase significantly.


While most valves used for polysilicon production could be considered standard valve configurations(Vee‐ball and VoJa Control valves), several applications are critical to the process and special considerations must be taken into account when selecting these valves, such as cleaning and process fluid containment. It can be said, though, that around the reactors, no one valve is more critical than another. However, there are some critical applications in the cooling water, vent gas, and recovery sections that have the potential to 2-7 shutdown the entire process and expose the plant to significant safety risks.


OTEKER has the engineering capability to characterize the trims for critical applications in order to meet the specific application needs and tailor a solution towards them. When the valve assembly is called upon to move quickly, mechanical air cushions have been added to the actuator cylinder to provide controlled deceleration to help protect actuator and valve components for longer travel applications.

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