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Oil & Gas

July 10, 2019

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O'TEKER has designed and produced a vast range of Severe Service products, developing along a path that started from pneumatic controllers to include control valves, Butterfly valves, Ball Control Valves,Antisurge Control valves, Severe Service Chokes valves .


Our OIL & GAS FOCUS are on Production Chokes, Gas to Flare, Emergency Depressurizing and Gas Blowdown, Compressor Recycle and Compressor Anti-Surge Control valves, LNG processing Control valves, Petroleum transportation & storage.


In the upstream portion of the Oil & Gas market OTEKER has confirmed its presence in the most severe applications, especially on off-shore platforms where the reliability and the ease of maintenance of the equipment is critical for Operators.


While the Ball Control Valves is being developed, OTEKER is starting to set the strategy for what is believed to be a major break through to enter the Pipeline business. In fact, the growing LNG demand and consequent building of new larger LNG plants will foster the construction of new pipelines creating great business opportunities for the year to follow.


The downstream portion of the Oil & Gas market, mainly related to petrochemical plants and refineries has presented the opportunity of quoting all together steam conditioning valves, Severe Service Control valves and conventional valves manufactured in our plants.


Oil & Gas Production

-Water & Gas Injection

-Gas / Oil Separator

-Emergency Steam Vents

-Pump Minimum flow

-Oil & Gas Regulator

-Overboard Dump Applications


Gas Processing Plants

-Rich Amine Letdown

-Lean Amine Pump Recycle

-Expander Bypass (Joule Thomson)

-Import/Export Gas Regulation

-Slug Catcher

-Level Control

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